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At RMUpdate, we serve the hottest tech news in the town through our website, help our audience make better decisions through our detailed reviews that actually matters the most to the end consumer.

 RMUpdate was launched in 2019 with an aim to offer complex Android, Apps, Gadget Reviews, and also technology-related news in a way that anybody can understand it. We stand out from the crowd in the sense that usually we break news stories – yes, we mainly bring you stuff that you’ll not find anywhere in the mainstream tech media.

Our stories have been picked up by some of the most popular and trusted sources.

Here’s the team behind the website:

Aakash Gour (Founder)

I’m Aakash—writer and founder of this website. With a Degree in Computer Science and English literature, I love to research the latest of the tech world and is great getting to the heart of what’s going on in that arena. I Launched this Blog Around 3 Years ago and Since then RMUpdate is one of the primary sources of Tech related News and Latest Leaks for users worldwide.

if you want to see the latest News on Android, Apps, Gadget Reviews, and also technology-related news Make sure you follow me Article section to Keep Yourself Updated with the Latest Articles on Android News. 

Prashant Choudhary (Co-Founder & Editor)

I am Prashant — Co-Founder and Editor. With a Degree in Computer Science (Engineering), I love to write and review technology products and gadgets.

Abhijit Sharma (Writer)

An avid follower of the latest technology & gaming trends. Speaking of gaming, that’s what I write about on RM Update.

I am an Electrical Engineer. I look for positivity & happiness around. 

Larry Semon (Writer)

I came from a mixed background in Statistics and Computer Science. My interest in mobile computing and also all types of technology.

At RM Update, my task is to cover breaking news stories on a daily basis. While most of the stuff I cover is related to smartphones, I do foray into other technology-related fields if I stumble upon something interesting.

Currently, Our Team working on the RM Update website. And We share the Latest News of Android, Apps, Gadget Reviews, and also technology-related news on This Website.