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How Many Updates Will The Xiaomi 13 Series Get?



Xiaomi’s new Xiaomi 13 Series has been launched with Android 13 and a new version of MIUI. It may get Android 14 before the end of the year after Google makes it available, but how many firmware updates will the Xiaomi 13 Series get in its lifetime?

Xiaomi has launched its next-generation smartphone lineup of the Xiaomi 13 series with MIUI 14. However, the only drawback of the new Xiaomi series is that it has been launched with the old software update policy, and there is no new Android upgrade plan for the series.

On the other hand, Samsung and OnePlus/Oppo have recently updated their Android security updates for devices slated to launch in 2023. The latest flagships get 4 years of major software updates and 5 years of monthly updates as per software policy. On the flip side, Xiaomi offers only 3 years of major MIUI software updates every 90 days and 4 years of security.

Xiaomi 13 Pro Update Policy:

Hence, The brand-new Xiaomi 13 series follows that policy, which means the 2023 flagship trio will eventually receive three major OS upgrades up to Android 16, or whatever Google will call its mobile OS in 2025.

The software support for the Xiaomi 13 series will continue in 2025. These flagships should receive security patches four years after launch, which means Xiaomi will support this phone until at least 2027. It is believed that no major update will be available till then. They get Android 16, possibly in late 2025/early 2026, but support for security patches will continue until sometime after that.

Xiaomi’s new Xiaomi 13 flagships run MIUI 14 at launch. This update brings several notable features for the end-users. It brings improvements like app closing animation, new folder, user privacy, awesome icon features, and more. Apart from these, there are some design changes, UI performance improvements, and more.

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